Alex Leitch

Hi there. I am a software developer and creative technologist in Toronto, Canada. I'm one of the founders of Site 3 coLaboratory, a community makerspace with an emphasis on industrial arts, and a founding director of, a community group that helps women learn to build video games.

In my spare time, I do a lot of public speaking, and I build amazing things: large installations involving fire, small video games involving bicycles, a palm-sized server that will populate any room with phone-controlled, linked web applications. You know. Art. Interested in building that?
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Other Work

Mechanism Mechanism, 2014

Mechanism is a server hosting a capitive portal that permits a dual-screen FMV game controlled by user cellphones.

psXXYborg psXXYborg, 2013

psXXYborg is a dual-screen game that made use of the Mechanism project.

the Heart Machine The Heart Machine, 2010

A 60' flaming heart, featured at Burning Man 2010.